Fixed Bollards
Type of operator fixed bollards

Type of operator


Height Aboveground-security bollards

Height Aboveground


Cylinder Thickness- security bollards

Cylinder Thickness

6mm (3/8/10/12mm Optional)

Cylinder Diameter-security bollards

Cylinder Diameter

φ219mm (133/168mm Optional)

The DSSP1001 fixed traffic bollard is a high-quality and economical bollard which is particularly used widely to protect security areas from vehicle intrusion. The bollards allow you to permanently define pedestrian areas and to complete mixed installations with hydraulic retractable bollards.

Features of Daosafe Fixed Bollards

Product Details and Dimensions

The fixed structure of the bollards cannot be destroyed or removed very easy. It’s can be permanently protect the pedestrian safety.
dssp1001 details

Full 304 stainess steel

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3M-DG3 Reflective Tape, LED Warning Light (Optional)         

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dssp1001 dimension

Product Parameters


Model No. DSSP1001
Brand Daosafe
Dimension φ340 * 805mm
Height Aboveground 600mm
Height Underground 205mm
Cylinder Diameter 219mm (168/133mm Optional)
Cylinder Thickness 6mm (3/8/10/12mm Optional)
Weight 31kg (15kg, 21kg Optional)
Material of Cylinder 304 Stainless steel
Pre-embedded Section Q235 Steel (A3)
Material of Flange 304 Stainless steel-Brushed
Material of Top Cover 304 Stainless steel-Brushed
Reflective Tape 3M-DG3, 50mm
LED Warning Light (Optional) 12VLED strip, RGB, Remote control

Multiple Models for Your Choosing


Automatic Hydraulic Bollards


Removable Bollards



Fixed Bollards


Professional Guiding, Efficient Installing

Follow professional and safe installation procedures, for easy daily maintenance while achieving a high level of protection.
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