IR Temperature Screening Camera


IR Temperature Screening Camera DSSP530

DSSP530 IR Temperature Screening Camera, which uses high sensitivity infrared detector featuring exquisite appearance, can be placed at the public places with a large flow of people such as stations, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and office buildings, helping screen people with fever symptom accurately and quickly, guarantee people’s health and safety.

Plug and play, Flexible control

Start to operate when connecting it to display device or TV set with HDMI cable, no computer is needed.

Accurate temperature measurement, over-temperature alarm

The product temperature measurement accuracy is better than ±0.3°C (after on-site calibration). Once an over-temperature person is found, picture will be taken and kept, and an alarm will be automatically sent to facilitate for further investigation and management.

Multi-people temperature detection with high-efficient pass rate

Support temperature detection for one more people simultaneously, and response-time to temperature detection is 0.25 seconds only, it doesn’t affect the pass rate of people, support automatic alarming in case of abnormal temperature detection, people-counting and photo retention.

AI Face Auto Lock-on, can prevent false alarms

AI face recognition algorithm enables to automatically track face and detect temperature free of being affected by other interfering heat sources. Meanwhile, it supports masked detection and helps to reduce the workload of epidemic prevent.

Synchronization Display

Real time image and infrared thermal image display synchronously on screen. At the same time, the product supports people statistics and report export for easy retrospective later.

Features of Temperature Screening Camera

Product Dimensions

Product Parameters

Model No. DSSP530
Brand Daosafe
Framework Material Metal
Dimension 90×47.3x130.15mm
Net Weight 440g/pcs
Power Supply DC12V (9V-14V)
Web Client Language English, Chinese
Power Consumption ≤3W
Operation Temperature 28°C ~ 45°C
Accuracy ±0.3°C (Human Body 33°C~40°C)
Thermal Camera Sensor Uncooled VOx detector
Max. Resolution 160*120
Spectrum 8μm -14μm
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) ≤ 50mk(0.050°C)
Field of View H: 57°, V: 44.3°
Color Palette Iron Red, Rainbow, White Thermal, Black Thermal, etc
Visible Camera Image Sensor 1/2.8 Inch, high performance progres scan CMOS
Effective Resolution 1920*1080P
Pixel 2 Mega Pixel
Field of View H: 84°, V: 65°
Wide Dynamic Support
Low Light Level 0.01Lux @(F1.5)

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