Security Tyre Killer DSSP9001

  • Security Trye Killer DSSP9001 is designed use at sites requiring high levels of security and dealing with high traffic pressure.
  • The uni-directional and bi-directional of the spikes are optional.
  • The install ways of the lock by expansion bolts and pre-embedded the body are optional.
  • The whole Trye Killer body is made from spray paint A3 steel, stably and waterproof.
  • The axis designs for disassembly make it easy to exchange actuator.
  • There’s “wiring pipe” on each Trye Killer make it easy to wiring even the power supply is on the opposite side.

Features of Daosafe Security Tyre Killer

  • Uni-directional & Bi-directional types for high-level anti-terrorism and security
  • Easy install/maintain, lock by expansion bolts, built-in wiring pipe
  • Fast lifting speed, 1-2s for rise, 1-2s for up
  • It can be easily integrate with IR, loop detector, barrier gate, security bollards and road blocker, or other access control devices
  • A3 Steel body, solid and endurable structure, low noise
  • The body surface and control center with spray paint for outdoor use, waterproof and rust protection
  • Axis design for disassembly makes it easy to exchange actuator
  • In case of emergency, the spikes will support manually rise/drop
  • 3-year warranty support

Multiple Models for Your Choosing

All the details and dimensions can be customized according to your project site
dssp9001 security tyre killer
dssp9002 security tyre killer

Product Parameters

Model No. DSSP9001
Brand Daosafe
Rising Time 1-2s
Dropping Time 1-2s
Dimension-Length 1m-6m (On request)
-Width 550mm (Uni-directional)/800mm (Bi-directional)
-Height(Dropping) 80mm
Height of Spikes(Rising) 120mm (Uni-directional)/80mm (Bi-directional)
Thickness of Spikes 10mm
Thickness of Panel 12mm
Axis φ25mm,45#steel-solid
Surface Color (Customizable) Green/Red/Yellow
Color of Reflective Tape Yellow/Black/White
Bracket, Spikes 2 layers spray paint
Actuator Single (Uni-directional)/Double (Bi-directional)
Control System Single-Chip Microcomputer Controller
Control Center Spray paint(Outdoor use)
Remote Control Distance 100m
Wire Switch Optional
Manually Rising/Dropping Yes
Power Supply 220VAC
Power Consumption 220W (Uni-directional)/400W (Bi-directional)
Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ 55℃
Traffic Light Linkage Support

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