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Please contact our turnstile experts directly, if below answers cannot help you

Daosafe is a famous brand Turnstile manufacturer of China, has:
– 19 years turnstile manufacturer experience
– Over 20,000 sets/year capacity
– Support OEM/ODM and multiple certifications
– Well-trained workers and professional sales
– 3 years warranty

CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, IS09001, ROHS, COC, SASO, SONCAP, CO, Form F, Form E, FTA, CCVO certifications etc. 100% quality check and durable testing before each of shipment.

3-year warranty (freely) for all Daosafe standard products.
Lifetime maintenance will be provided after the 3-year warranty period expires.

We do international business for 19 years, you just take picture, video with specific description via mail, our technical team will analyze and support accordingly.
Also can support through WhatsApp and telephone conference.

Accept payment via T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, and PayPal.

3 working days for some in stock products,
10 working days for most of goods,
4 weeks for bulk order,
All goods will be tested for 24 hours before package.

20-30 days by sea to your nearest seaport,
2-5 days by air to your nearest airport,
3-5 days by express to your doorstep,
10-15days by DDP shipping through sea, to your doorstep, with all customs cleared and tax paid, no need any extra cost for Asia and middle east area.

FAQs for products

Support entry and exit: manual, push button, people counting, RFID card, key fobs, fingerprint, barcode/QR code, face recognition, card collection into a box, and coin/token collection into a box, etc.

support to produce the turnstile gate based on your appearance design.

All our turnstile gates with the standard electrical interface input, which can be integrated with any kind of 3rd party access controller device.

Full 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.

MCBF is 5 million; the estimate life time is 15 years, it accords to the customer using situation.

Yes, infrared sensor controlled.
Default infrared sensor is 3 pair for turnstile with 1200mm dimension,
Default infrared sensor is 5 pair for turnstile with 1600mm dimension.

Single directional or Bi-directional (for choose).

All of Daosafe turnstiles can use outdoor without shelter.
But it will be better if you can add a roofing/shelter, which can improve the user experience.

Turnstile installation is easy and simple.
We will finish assembly and test well before shipment, customers only need to fix on ground by expansion bolt (we will provide), connect to power and then will work.

For 1 Lane: 2pcs * single core,
For 2 Lane: 2pcs * single core + 1pcs * double core,
For 3 Lane: 2pcs * single core + 2pcs * double core,

550mm – 600mm (standard);
900mm – 1200mm (wheelchair or handicap)

Turnstile gate will open automatically (default).
Note: it can be setting if you no need this function.

Tripod Turnstile: 20W/24V
Other Turnstile: 40W/24V

Please contact our turnstile experts directly, if these documents cannot help you

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