Model DS312 + Mode DS212
DS212 standard lane + handicap lane
Model DS7100 Four Lanes
Model DS112 + Model DS212


Tripod Gate


Optical Swing Turnstile


Optical Flap Turnstile


Speed Gate

Unmatched Excellence

Fast & Efficient

High operation dependability and fast response. It has the fastest open and close speed rate and can be adjusted. The whole system runs smoothly, low noise, no mechanical impact.

304 Stainless Steel

The body of classics turnstile is made of brushed stainless steel which is robust, rigid, anti-rust and durable.

LED Indicators

LED bar light at the front and back of gate, blue means in a normal state, green means under passing, red means illegal entry. LED indicator at the top: red × means no entry; green →means entry.

Handicapped Lane

It supports 600mm standard and 1000mm handicapped type with wide passageway, wheelchair, and pedestrian with large luggage can pass.

All Access Control

It has standard relay signal, which can be integrated with any kind of third-party access control system (e.g.: RFID, Fingerprint, QR and Biometric reader device).

Outdoor Use

Waterproof: IP65 level, no afraid of water or rain. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Emergency Require

In case of emergency, the arms will open or drop down automatically to allow free passage when power off.

Easy To Install

Gate will be assembled and test well before shipment, customers only need to fix on ground by expansion bolt, connect to power and then will work.

Demo Video

CLASSICS TURNSTILES, DS112, DS212, DS312, DS7100 the four demo videos integrate into one video, watch it for a quick view of product perfomance.
classics turnstile DS7100 slim cabinet

Slim Cabinet

The cabinet of DS7100 speed gate is only 120mm width, which is the most slimmest one and makes the whole gate more luxury and ideal for installing at high-end places. For other gates of classics turnstile, the cabinet width is less than 230mm.

daosafe classics turnstile DS7100 waterproof


Classics turnstile is made of 304 full stainless steel, which is extremely durable, rigid, anti-rust and waterproof. No afrared rain and sunshine when installed at outdoor.

classics turnstile DS7212 wide passage

Wide Passageway

Model DS7100 speed gate supports 600mm standard lane to 1000mm wider lane, DS212 swing gate supports 600mm standard lane to 850 wider lane. For DS312 flap gate and DS112 tripod gate, usually match with DS7100 or DS212 for wide passageway.

daosafe classics turnstile DS312 led

LED Indicators

Classcis turnstile always has three LED colors in different conditions. when the gate is in normal state, thte LED light is in blue color. When someone is passing, the LED light will turn to green color. If people break in, the gate will keep closed and LED light turn to red color.

Emergency Requirement

In case of emergency, tripod turnstile horizontal arms will drop down automatically to allow free passage when power off. And the arms for swing turnstile will be opened, also the arms for flap turnstile will be retracted.

Used at swimming bath

Project Showcase

Used at school

Project Showcase

Used at factory

Project Showcase

Used at swimming bath

Project Showcase

Used at school

Project Showcase

At swimming bath

Project Showcase

At school

Project Showcase

At factory

Project Showcase

At swimming bath

Project Showcase

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