Demo Videos

Daosafe whole series turnstile gates demonstration
Nebula tripod turnstile DSN-50
Nebula optical flap turnstile DSN-30
Slim Golden Speed Gate DS7200G
Black High Glass Speed Gate DSN-80
Wide passageway DS225
Nebula tripod turnstile DSN-10
Nebula optical swing turnstile DSN-20
Full height turnstile DS401 DS402 with QR barcode scanner
Nebula speed gate DSN-70
Single passage half height turnstile DZ401
Double passage half height turnstile
Waterproof turnstile DS218
Waterproof optical flap turnstile DS318
Speed Gate DS7200 With Card Solution
Double door rain cover protection DS402FS
Solid single passage full height turnstile DS401
Black paiting full height turnstile DZ401FS
Super fast and slim speed gates DS7000
Elegant speed gates DS6000
Speed gate DS7100 with card solution
High glass sliding gate DS605
Optical swing turnstile DS212P with card collector
Daosafe optical swing turnstile DS210Z
Flap turnstile DS312X anti-reverse function
New design optical turnstile DS2000 and DS3000
Card collector swing turnstile DS212D
Full automatic tripod turnstile DS112F
Tripod turnstile model DS112 with card access controller
New design tripod turnstile DS1000
Full automatic tripod turnstile DS101F
Semi-automatic tripod turnstile DS101
Cylinder swing turnstile gate DS8000
Elegant tripod turnstile DS111
Tripod turnstile DS103 with card collector and coin collector
DS7300 speed gate with card solution
Bus turnstile DS4000
Portable turnstile DSN-50P
Pedestrian security gate with button solution DSSP6003C
DS212P anti-collision testing

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