Case Sharing-Application of the access control with facial scanning and temperature checking in US private school

Solution Background

With restrictions being eased from the Covid -19 pandemic, a major private school in the US was looking for an access control solution to reduce the likelihood of transmitting the virus across their school campus.

With 700 students from Kindergarten to all girls High School, it was essential to be able to control access, and manage temperature sensing data, while keeping the smooth running of the school on a daily basis to avoid closure.

Our partner provides Daosafe’s innovative facial scanning and temperature detection solution was chosen and implemented rapidly with great success across the campus.

Solution Introduction

The key of the School’s Requirements:

  • Controlling access to the premises at all entry points
  • Verification of all staff and student identity
  • Systematic elevated temperature detection with real -time results
  • Instant alerts if an elevated temperature detected to stop the potential virus being spread

The challenge from our partner was to be able to rapidly implement the solution, to allow education on the campus to resume with nearly 700 students of all ages arriving on the large campus daily.

To enforce access control and to carry out systematic staff and student facial scanning and elevated temperature detection, each entry point of the campus needed to have controls and set up an alert system, while still allowing for the smooth flow of staff and students entering the premises.

The final technical discussion they identify a more practical and reasonable solution for US private school.

Solution Details

Equipment: DS-F851T Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal + Flap Turnstile Gate

DS-F851T Main Features:

  1. The infrared array body temperature sensor and dynamic face temperature recognition.
  2. Body temperature + face recognition completed in 0.3 seconds.
  3. Body temperature measurement accuracy: ±≤0.2° C.

Flap Turnstile Gate Main Features:

  1. Control pedestrian entry or exit in restricted areas, usually used in high pedestrian traffic flow in both directions.
  2. Infrared sensor alarm functions, in case of illegal intrusion and reverse intrusion.
  3. Anti-intrusion function, the speed gate is locked automatically until valid opening signal input.
  4. Anti-trailing function, the speed gate alarms if someone wants to burst in without permission.
  5. Anti-reverse function, the turnstile alarms if someone wants to entry in the reverse direction.


Flap Turnstile Gate DS3000

Realizing Solution

  • Daosafe’s partner used facial scanning and elevated temperature detection solution for access control was rapidly implemented, with a total of 9 standalone thermal sensors, equipped with facial scanning technology to rapidly scan for identification, and to sense the person’s temperature.
  • These were installed on all entry and exit points across the campus, and allow for each person to be scanned and identified immediately, allowing for a smooth flow of people entering the premises.
  • Each person is scanned on a daily basis upon entering the school, and their temperature reading is recorded against their local profile.
  • Alerts are triggered in real -time to key staff members by sms or email if anyone with an elevated temperature is detected, so action may be taken immediately.

Since implementing Daosafe’s facial scanning and temperature sensing solution, the school has been able to systematically control access to the school, avoiding classes being cancelled and the eventual closure of the school.

The business benefits for the school of having implemented Daosafe’s solution are:

  • No reputational loss due to potential school closure
  • No financial loss due to potential school closure
  • Increased compliance to school policies
  • Increased productivity due to automated temperature sensing solution in place

Video Reference

For more detailed DS-F851T Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal, read the “Daosafe Updated Solution for “Non-contact Temperature Measurement + Access Control Attendance Management”

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