Daosafe Updated Solution for “Non-contact Temperature Measurement + Access Control Attendance Management”

Solution Background

War against COVID-19 is continuing. Meanwhile the economies reopen in most of the world. Daosafe Company has introduced a latest solution Non-contact Temperature Measurement + Access Control Attendance Management”.

The application of the non-contact fever checking would significantly improve the speed with which the employee returned to work and related records. In the meantime, reduce the contact frequency between the guards and rework staff for higher security grade and faster efficiency.

Solution Introduction

Equipment: Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal

Indoor Model

DS-F851T—with Access Control System (Elegant, Sturdy, Durable)

Outdoor Model

DS-F851W— with Access Control System (Waterproof, Anti-fog, Anti-hard light)

 Access Control System

Different Type of People, Differentiated Regulation

For Staff

register face+ face temperature measurement + time attendance record data, easily checking the records and export files.

For Visitor

 without register+ face temperature measurement + record data, do better control the visitor at the anti covid-19 period.

Different Type of Application Scenarios, Differentiated Installation

Indoor Use

Hang on the wall, put on the desk, install with stand pillar, and integrate with turnstile gate for entrance control.

Outdoor Use

 Install with stand pillar, integrate with turnstile gate for entrance control.

Solution Advantages

Classification Recognition, Convenience and Fast

Can be turned on/off, face recognition registration verification, mask recognition verification and other functions.

For staff: register + face/mask recognition+ temperature measurement

For visitor: without register+ face/mask recognition+ temperature measurement

Temperature Display

Support: Fahrenheit(℉)/Degree Centigrade (℃)

Multiple Languages

Support: Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian

Multiple Operation Methods

Touchscreen, mouse operation and PC software import.

Multiple Application Methods

Use standalone, integrated with electromagnetic lock, integrated with turnstile gate, integrated with the 3rd-party access controller……

Large Capacity Storage

20,000 faces(Can Be Extended 30,000-50,000 Faces), 20,000 cards, 200,000 records, 8G EMMC Storage, 1GB DDR3 Memory.

Intelligent Dynamic Face Temperature Measurement

The infrared array body temperature sensor, high speed identification, alarm with high temperature. 

Also support time attendance way: RFID card, face and password.

Data Integrity

Offline: the date storage in the device, support the USB import the data.

Online: Website data synchronization upload to the server, and serve management unifies.

Solution Application

Can widely use at Office Building, Intelligent Residential Community, Factory, Club, School, Government, Army and Scenic Spot…

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